Credit & Debt Summary

Ensco is assigned an investment grade credit rating by the following rating agencies:


Baa1 Stable Outlook

Standard & Poor's

BBB+ Stable Outlook

Debt Summary

Bank Revolving Credit Facility

Description: Amended & Restated Committed Unsecured Revolving Credit Facility
Commitments: $2.25 billion, with uncommitted $500 million accordion option to increase to up to $2.75 billion
Availability: $2.25 billion
Interest Rate: Base Rate or LIBOR plus an Applicable Margin (currently 0.125% per annum for Base Rate advances and 1.125% per annum for LlBOR advances)
Original Tenor: 5 Years 
Maturity Date: September 2019, with an option to extend by one year on up to two occasions, subject on each occasion to receipt of extension commitments from lenders of at least 50% of the aggregate amount of commitments outstanding prior to the extension.

Long-Term Debt

In March 2015, we completed a debt offering to purchase and redeem outstanding 3.25% Senior Notes due 2016 ("2016 Notes") and remaining MARAD obligations. See related press releases and SEC filings. We completed a tender offer for $854.6 million aggregate principal amount of 2016 Notes during March 2015, and we redeemed the remaining $145.4 million aggregate principal amount of 2016 Notes during April 2015.  During April 2015, we also redeemed approximately $51.0 million aggregate principal amount of our MARAD obligations, and we intend to redeem the remaining $14.3 million aggregate principal amount of MARAD obligations in July 2015.

Date Issued

Par Outstanding ($ in millions)

Interest Rate

Maturity Date

8.500% Senior Notes due 2019 02-Jun-09

$   500.0

8.500% fixed 15-Jun-19
6.875% Senior Notes due 2020 06-Aug-10

$   900.0

6.875% fixed 15-Aug-20
4.700% Senior Notes due 2021 17-Mar-11


4.700% fixed 15-Mar-21
4.500% Senior Notes due 2024 29-Sep-14 $   625.0 4.500% fixed  1-Oct-24
5.200% Senior Notes due 2025  12-Mar-15     $   700.0 5.200% fixed  15-Mar-25
7.200% Debentures due 2027 25-Nov-97

$   150.0

7.200% fixed 15-Nov-27
7.875% Senior Notes due 2040 06-Aug-10

$   300.0

7.875% fixed 15-Aug-40
5.750% Senior Notes due 2044 29-Sep-14  $1,025.0 5.750% fixed  1-Oct-44
4.240% MARAD Bonds due 2016 26-Sep-03

$     14.3

4.240% fixed 15-Jan-16

Note: MARAD debt is guaranteed by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Maritime Administration. These bonds have semiannual amortization payments and are secured by certain drilling rigs.

Fleet Status Report

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