SHE Management System

Ensco’s Safety, Health and Environment Management System provides a structured approach for managing risks, complying with rules and regulations, and making continual improvements.

  • The planning function establishes the company’s overall direction by providing the framework for establishing annual SHE objectives and targets, developing strategies for their achievement, and allocating resources to implement those strategies.
  • The implementing function provides the structure (for instance, practices, processes, and procedures) and delineates the roles, responsibilities, authority, and accountability for accomplishing the work.
  • The monitoring and measuring function provides a mechanism to track and evaluate performance and progress towards achievement of established objectives.
  • The checking and corrective action function keeps the company on track relative to its goals and objectives by providing the framework for identifying and correcting problems in the overall system.
  • The management review function helps to ensure that the system continues to reflect and achieve company goals over the long term.

Safe System of Work

Ensco’s Safe System of Work (SSoW) provides a companywide, consistent and systematic method for the management of safety, health and the environment at the worksite. The SSoW consists of the following 4 elements:

  • Work Instructions
  • Permit to Work
  • Energy Isolation
  • Job Safety Analysis