Report Your Concerns

Our continued growth and success depend on our shared commitment to a culture of honesty and integrity. To promote a speak-up culture, the following resources and reporting mechanisms are available to encourage reporting of possible wrongdoing, violations of our Code, or other issues that threaten our reputation. Employees may freely make reports on a confidential or anonymous basis without fear of retaliation.

Ethics Hotline

The Hotline service is managed by an independent third party to protect employee privacy and includes the ability to report your concerns anonymously. Please click here to leave Ensco’s website to see available resources for making your report.

Board of Directors

Additionally, shareholders, employees and other interested parties may report concerns regarding questionable accounting, auditing or other matters on a confidential basis directly to the relevant presiding Ensco Committee Chairs, namely the Audit Committee, the Nominating and Governance Committee, and the Compensation Committee, all of whom are independent non-employee Directors.

The correspondences will be forwarded unopened to the designated Committee Chair. All communications shall be confidentially processed and will not be screened by management. Correspondences may be submitted by mail and addressed to the relevant Committee Chair as follows:


1415 South Voss Rd, Suite 110

P.O. Box 135

Houston, TX 77057, USA