Atwood Aquisition

On 6 October 2017, Ensco completed its acquisition of Atwood Oceanics, Inc. In connection with the transaction, Atwood shareholders became entitled to receive 1.60 Ensco Class A ordinary shares in exchange for each share of Atwood common stock owned. Holders of Atwood common stock should read "Important Information for Atwood Shareholders" below for information regarding receipt of their Ensco shares.

While the “Frequently Asked Questions” addressed below are intended to provide general information for Atwood shareholders, the information provided below does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice. You are encouraged to consult your own legal, tax or accounting advisor regarding the questions below and the consequences (including U.S. federal income tax consequences) to you of the transaction.

Important Information for Atwood Shareholders

FAQs Regarding the Atwood Acquisition

Is the acquisition a taxable event to U.S. shareholders of Atwood common stock, and if so, what fair market value?

IRS Form 8937 Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

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