Operational Assurance Program

Ensco's Operational Assurance Program is a layered compliance approach that prevents and mitigates risks.

Its objectives are to:

  • Prevent unplanned events and mitigate/control significant operational risks
  • Ensure integrity and reliability of critical company assets
  • Centralize audits and verification activities and eliminate ineffective processes
  • Drive operational excellence by ensuring 100/100 with the Ensco Management System (EMS)

Verifying these activities minimize the risk to personnel and the environment while ensuring the integrity and reliability of company assets. Additionally, compliance with regulatory requirements, applicable industry standards and EMS is maintained.

Corporate SHE Audit Team (Core Value Team)

 The Core Value Team is an internal resource that provides senior management continued assurance that all Ensco facilities are in compliance with corporate policies, standards and procedures. Findings are reviewed in-person with onboard rig management, shore-based business unit management and senior management.

The goals of the Core Value Team include:

  • Ensure consistency across the company
  • Keep our rigs a safe place to work
  • Promote operational excellence
  • Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Encourage best practice sharing